Christian Marriage Courses

We also have our own ministry program for greater New Zealand, by offering to run weekend marriage seminars at various regional locales around the country .

Christian Marriage Courses

We also have our own ministry program for greater New Zealand, by offering to run weekend marriage seminars at various regional locales around the country .

7 Week Marriage Course

We run various courses through each school term at LIFE. All the courses we run are DVD based, which include discussion time by us and workbooks for the couples. Each session is usually of 2 hours duration each week.

By Jimmy Evans:

  • Becoming One
  • Marriage on the Rock
  • The Indestructible Marriage

By John & Lisa Bevere:

  • The Story of Marriage

One on One Marriage Mentors

We are very passionate to help Christian couples have a great marriage. Often couples can’t afford counselling and we feel that we can help fill in this gap. We are available to have sessions with Christian couples to help them reconnect in their marriage. Often one just needs someone who is not emotionally involved to help get you out of your negative spiral, rut etc. And this is where were come in.

So if you are in need of having a couple to help you move your marriage forward then we would love to hear from you.

We love hearing from couples after thier time spent with us. If you would like to leave us a message, please do so below: 

4 Week Facilitator "Refresh your Marriage Course"

This is a course what we have put together from the XO Marriage Conference that Jimmy Evans runs every year. This is 4 sessions taken from the conference, which is various top speakers , ie. Jimmy Evans, Robert Morris, Tim Ross, Michael Todd etc. And run much like the 7 week courses. We run this to specifically feed into our Prepare-Enrich facilitators lives, as they spend the rest of the year feeding into other couples.

Marriage Refresher Workshop

Corduroy Marriage-builders runs weekend workshops that are intended to re-fresh, re-calibrate and re-energize your marriage.

To help you clear up some questions, to refocus where your priorities may have become skewed, to ensure you are still focused on pursuing and speaking into each other’s lives. And to maybe also learn some new skills or ways of thinking to ensure your marriage is on the right track or could in fact be better – a marriage retreat or workshop isn’t just for people who are struggling in their relationship but also for people who may want to refresh their union or work at taking it a little higher than it already is …

Give it a go – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain and you may be pleasantly surprised at how much impact a small investment of your time may have on your future together and on your families.

Day program is as follows:
Friday 1830 – 2100 & Saturday 9:30 – 16:30 – this includes watching a number of fresh, relevant and informative DVD’s from latest marriage conferences held globally. Inspiring international speakers, motivating and introspective content, and some great ideas to take your marriage further.

Includes various short comfort breaks during the sessions, lunch break, relevant “talk it out” and “walk it out” notes, discussion time and “Hotseat” Q & A time .

Standard format is to watch a range of various DVD’s (approx..) 30-40 minutes – “Talk it Out” for 15 minutes led by Umberto & Jacquie on each one, and then spend 10 minutes discussing (amongst each couple personally) with “facilitated questions”.

The content of the workshop is extracted material from the XO Marriage Conference, with further questions and discussion items posed by Umberto & Jacquie. The marriage conference which is referred to is run annually by Jimmy Evans “Marriage Today” global ministry which runs under the Gateway Church banner (Robert Morris) in the US and is telecast globally.

Couples attending will be directed to some helpful resource, be given a booklet as a take-away set of key-points; and given some extra material and ideas on how to continue to enhance their marriages.

(Can also be run as a full one-day course)

We came to Umberto & Jacquie as a Christian/Non-Christian couple in the hope of building a stronger relationship together. Through the weeks of couples and individual counselling with the Benucci’s, we were able to process our pasts and confirm that we could have a future together. It was during this time that we learnt the value in open communication, each other’s strengths and weaknesses, how to honour and encourage each other, to be secure within ourselves and as a couple and to have a God centred relationship.

We are so thankful for this ministry and for the continual guidance of Umberto & Jacquie.

Alex & Jennifer

Our marriage was ok; we’d been through some challenging times over an extended period and had learned to make it work. The problem was that we weren’t enjoying our marriage in the way that God had designed it, we weren’t working as a team or realising the potential in our combined abilities/gifts. We were “functional” rather than “one” and there was often tension in our home.

The combination of experience, love, discernment, encouragement, humour and accountability that Jax and Bert bring has really made a difference in our marriage and we can already see the fruit of it all in the way we are relating to each other, the kids, the feel in the house etc. We are really looking forward to taking a young marrieds group together and really supporting each other in the God calling for each of our lives and for our marriage.

Gareth & Rachel