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Hello, Thank you for joining us. We would like to share with you some words wisdom to help build your marriage. 

X Jacquie and Umberto X


3 weeks 5 days ago

Think of a “transistor battery” - two different and opposing elements encased together - separately these chemical elements achieve nothing but together they make electricity


1 month 6 days ago

How do you look at your spouse ? How does your gaze rest upon them - disdain and contempt or love and grace - do


1 month 1 week ago

Don't allow what happened yesterday to cloud over what's ahead - just as we believe God has got things prepared ahead for us - we


3 months 17 hours ago

No one goes out and purposely plants weeds, but they appear and you don’t want them. These are the things that happen to us in


3 months 4 weeks ago

A happy marriage = its a lot of little things we do but the foundation is "friendship" - back to back and side to side


4 months 4 weeks ago

More than 2/3’s of couples feel that they are not listened to. . . It is difficult not to overemphasise how vastly important it is


5 months 6 days ago

Comparison is a marriage breaker - fighting because one can’t do or achieve versus someone else .... or even your spouse versus yourself is going


5 months 2 weeks ago

In our marriage we have a choice - to nurture the love we vowed to uphold, or to let the weeds take over and smother


5 months 4 weeks ago

There are essentially 4 laws to follow for your marriage to thrive and succeed - God created the laws and they are universal - they


7 months 1 week ago

Some fun 🤩 lines for you to use …. You’re welcome ….. 😜👌🏼🤪🍎 . Hey there my sweetest Valentine 🥰💞 . Let me count the

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