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Marriage should be “win-win” for both spouses – in fact in truth it should just be “WIN” full stop, as two have become one…… and maybe this is the principle we should all start from, there aren’t two people vying for themselves, there are now two people vying for each other. We don’t stop being individuals, but we can start being considerate and focussed on what our spouses needs are, and by lifting them up, we automatically get lifted up.

We want to help build your marriage into the blockbuster God intended it to be. To set the foundations straight and deep so that it will survive any shakiness. To give it boundaries that will make you stronger. To make it into a nest that you would want to come home to. To give it an atmosphere that speaks out to others.

Remember those heady days of dating each other; how you couldn’t wait to see each other again or to call/text each other. How you loved looking at each other, those long meaningful glances that you hoped “spoke” all the words you couldn’t say. You can have that atmosphere throughout your relationship, no matter how long you’ve been married – you just have to choose to.

We love working with the Church community in Aotearoa to help strengthen the marriages in God’s House to exemplify His love. We feel that if the Church is to be the light on the hill to the world, then we need to ensure we are living out God-Breathed Marriages. Because of what God has done in our own marriage we know that there is Nothing impossible for Him. He is able and wanting to redeem, restore, repair, or refresh any marriage.

To Help Christians Have A God-Breathed Marriage:


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One-on-One Marriage Mentoring

Helping Women discovering their value and worth

Marriage Courses 

Weekend Marriage Workshop

My wife and I cannot speak highly enough of Umberto and Jacquie’s passion for their marriage ministry. We have completed two courses with them now; Prepare and Enrich and the Story of Marriage. On both occasions it was evident that the love they have for one another goes a long way in creating a warm and welcoming environment. The way in which Umberto and Jacquie approached all manners of topics made it very easy to be open and honest. They are very respectful and helped guide my wife and I onto a better path and continue to do so. 

Greg & Katie

Umberto and Jacquie Benucci have been inspirational through their marriage ministry. Since we got to know them through the story of marriage weekend course in March 2017, they have inspired us to become facilitators for the Prepare-Enrich programme. Through this programme we have seen our marriage become stronger under Gods principles for the original design of marriage. Because of this we have been able to help other Pasifika couples enrich their marriage

Siaosi & Katie

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